The "Dolly B" features two Queen Beds, private bath with tub and shower.

Rental Rates: (based on single or double occupancy price/ two-night minimum stay)


Additional Person:
No sleeping bags or cots please.
NO CHILDREN under 12 years of age.


The "Dolly B Mine" is west of the Resurrection No. 2 shaft and is directly above the "Famous." Both are a part of the Resurrection Group which is located at the head of Big Evans Gulch.

In 1893, the Connollly brothers, P.K., N.K., E.K., and M.P., had staked out four claims, the Dolly B, the Annie, the Lizzie, and the Ella., which were named after their wives.

For five years, the brothers had driven shafts in all of the mines and had pumped water out of them, as though they had opened an entryway to a "subterranean ocean".

Their efforts were not rewarded until the spring of 1898, when rich gold-bearing ore was found only in the Dolly B at a depth of 160 to feet.

The extraction of the minerals listed on the right were sent to the Arkansas Valley and the Bimetallic Smelters in Leadville. In 1898, production from the Dolly B mine mounted to $8,419,927.


Notes of Interest:

The following minerals were extracted from the Dolly B Mine:

Gold-.075 ounces to the ton
Silver- 5.19 ounces to the ton
Lead-9.72 percent
Zinc-2.4 percent
Copper-0.13 percent
Iron-26.3 percent
Silica-35.2 percent
Sulphur 0.08 percent
Bismuth-38.1 percent
(which at that time was used in making such diverse items as face powder and steam blower safety plugs)

Could this be the Dolly B?

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