Ores & Mine is fortunate to be located in one of the most beautiful places in Colorado. We have views of the majestic Rocky Mountains from many places on site, but especially of Twin Lakes.

There are many places on the grounds to rest, relax, and reflect.

Visitors can enjoy a good book, or visit with friends, family and other guests.

If you need peace and tranquility this is the place. There are no TVs or phones in the bedrooms so if you truly want to take a break from everyday life, Ores & Mine can help you accomplish this goal.

The surrounding area of Twin Lakes has not changed much over the years. The words from this excerpt of the Williams' Tourists' Guide, South Park railroad booklet, from 1877 still ring true.



To the lover of nature, or he who desires a season of rest from the cares of business, or whose 'system is out of tone,' a summer's camp out [in the Rockies] is recommended. There he will win back health and vigor, refresh his soul as well, and return with broader views of human nature, as well as of his country and its great resources. Thus is Twin Lakes, Colorado.


John and Donna,
Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay with you. We enjoyed your hospitality and the wonderful breakfasts....
Thanks again for a wonderful week!
The Wilson's

Dear John & Donna,
Thank You - Thank You for Everything!... Your place is so homey & inviting.... How do you get the bedding so soft & smell so good?



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