The Twin Lakes area is known to thousands of visitors as a wonderful place to visit.

One visitor, William Byers of the Rocky Mountain News, wrote:

"The lower lake is nearly four miles in length by one and a half in breath, and it's soft, undulating, quiet shores form a singular contrast to the rugged mountains beyond. A straight, narrow terrace, twenty feet in height a natural dam- separates it from the upper lake, which is a mile and a half in length lying as if it were between the knees of the mountains. A triangular tract of meadowland slopes upward from the farthest end of this lake and is gradually squeezed into a deep, wide caņon, out of which the lake stream issues."

During a stay in the Twin Lakes area, visitors can enjoy both summer and winter activities.

Summer activities include: hiking, boating, fishing, rafting, bicycling, jogging, mountain climbing, repelling, and camping. Golf, tennis courts, swimming pools, hot springs, and shopping are only a short drive away.

Winter activities include: cross-country skiing, ice fishing, snowshoeing, ice-skating, sledding, snowmobiling, and alpine skiing. A natural hot spring, and recreation center with indoor swimming pool are close by.

For more information on Twin Lakes and the surrounding area please visit the following web sites:
Leadville, CO
Twin Lakes, CO

John & Donna,
Of course you know that you guys have ruined it for us. It'll never be the same now. We really like going to B&B's. Your B&B was the 21st that we'd been to since we'd been married - in 13 years. And we've never had a bad experience...... But now you two have ruined it for us because from now on every one will be compared to you!

Rich & Debby

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